raterBot raterSpot Add to Slack

AI Slack Bot keeps you updated with raterSpot notifications in real time.

  1. How to Install?

    Login to raterSpot

    Use Agent Login in raterSpot that you want to get notified for.
  2. Your Profile

    Click on your Profile Picture on top right corner and head to your Profile.
  3. Edit Account Section

    Switch to Edit Account section.
  4. Get Notified to Slack

    Click on "Get notified to Slack". You'll be taken to Slack for installation.

How does the App Work?

This comprehensive integration between Slack and raterSpot includes these features:

One can be on raterSpot for free. We charge specifically for services. Want to get your Insurance Agency to raterSpot? Click here to request. We will get in touch immediately.

Notification Events

Commands that raterBot understands

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